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Power, money and gender5 investments to accelerate parity — and boost the economyBy Saadia Zahidi and Silja Baller
Inclusive innovation ecosystems4 ways they can accelerate gender parityBy Kusum Kali Pal
Next gen female leaders7 ways to help them thriveBy Becky Frankiewicz
Women’s health concerns are underservedHow to pave the way to true health equityBy Amira Ghouaibi
Making a better workplace for womenTime for equity-based solutionsBy Miao Sun
Gender parity in times of crisis5 leaders on why and how we must redouble effortsBy Kim Piaget
RADIO DAVOSApps, bots and ‘finfluencers’: how to navigate the changing world of investingNew podcast episode:   Radio Davos22:44
Meet the LeaderManpowerGroup’s Becky Frankiewicz: burnout, equity and women at workNew podcast episode:   Meet the Leader24:12
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What artificial intelligence is and isn’tCommon AI misconceptions and what it really can doBy Spencer Feingold
A big deal for the planetWhy the High Seas Treaty is a breakthroughBy Gemma Parkes
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4/5 On our radar
Read below a selection of insights from around the web on the latest in AI, the climate crisis and the global economy.
Sentiment advisors, transplant surgery and houseworkWhat you need to know about AI this monthKay Firth-Butterfield
Good news for the ocean, bad news for emissionsThe latest news on the climate crisisBy Stefan Ellerbeck
India’s slower growth, Europe’s stubborn inflationTop stories on the global economyBy Ian Shine
5/5 World Economic Forum in the news
How trash could help curb airline emissionsDraws data from Agenda blog postWashington Post
Equal rights, not discount vouchersCites our

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