COP26, Climate Conference Glasgow, Scotland …1-12 November, 2021.

Surely all would agree about caring for
our planet. But what has happened to it
during the past 50 years? Well, humans
have polluted and destroyed it. Our world
has been turned into a strange place. Can
we save it? There is much talk about this,
but how much is being done to actually
accomplish it? Moreover, we are asking
this question: Is this climate movement
going too far? Is it correct that our
planetary home is so wrecked that we are
all going to die within 10-20 years?
What is the reason the globe is being
worn out like a garment? It is this: “The
land and the earth also are defiled by their
inhabitants, because they have
transgressed the laws, disregarded the
statutes, and broken the everlasting
covenant. Therefore a curse devours the
land and the earth, and they who dwell
in it suffer the punishment of their guilt.
Therefore the inhabitants of the land and
the earth are scorched and parched, and
few people are left.” Isaiah 24:5-6.
1 -12 November, 2021
COP26, Climate Conference –
World leaders are now gathering in
Glasgow, Scotland in search of a solution.
But is there an ulterior motive behind all
of this? Are world leaders using this
environmental situation to put the world
under global governance? Indeed, this is
viewed by many as being the case, as
regards both the covid 19 process and the
state of the environment. On the U.N.
website we read “Uniting the world to
tackle climate change.” The world is lining
up behind the U.N. and its international
laws. Among other things, they are going
to have a Climate Sunday, as part of the
solution to the climate problem.
Please notice it is the U.N. that is
standing behind the climate summit in
Glasgow, in collaboration with Italy. Why
is the U.N. cooperating exclusively with
Italy in this arrangement? Well, because
the U.N. is cooperating with the Pope and
the papal headquarters are in Italy. They
share global plans. Hence, Pope Francis
is a central figure in the global strategy.
in Glasgow
in collaboration with Italy
Through this arrangement, they have
secured the participation of ‘all’ heads of
state and religious organisations in
accepting the U.N.’s global agenda. For
several years now, especiallt after the
appointment of Antonio Guterres – who
also is a Catholic – as Secretary General
of the U.N., the United Nations has been
closely collaborating with Jesuit Pope
We should remember the Jesuit oath
speaking of destroying Protestantism and
the independent nations. This is being
ensured in various ways today.
Protestantism is being torn
asunder through, for
instance, the Catholic
ecumenical movement.
In the political arena, the
U.N. and the Pope are
making political leaders
adhere to their global plans.
Individual nations are to
give up their independence
and sign up to their
schemes. In the Bible, the
Word of God, we can read
that the entire world will
marvel and follow after the
papal power (the beast), Revelation 13:2.
The Bible also shows that the nations
of the world are going to give their might
and power to the papal institution. Their
plans will be harmonious. However, the
Bible declares that they are fighting
against Christ and those on His side,
Revelation 17:12-14. Have we reached
this point?
Already, we have seen that all 193 U.N.
member states have accepted the new
global plan, Agenda 2030, for sustainable
development. Furthermore, they agreed
on a global plan at the December 2015
Paris Climate Summit, and now they are
ready to point to the Pope’s document on
the climate, Laudato Sí. We are witnessing
the world drawing together in the political
and religious fields. Now State and church
officials are getting together, and in recent
years we have seen them gather in the
war against viruses and now in the war
on climate change. However, there is
another gathering taking place. Please
notice the following piece of information:
The European Sunday Alliance, instituted
in June 2011, wants work-free Sundays in
the EU – from a social point of view.
The European Parliament decided in April
2019 that within three years there would
be work-free Sundays in all EU member
states – that is to say from August 1st ,

  1. – From the European Commission
    News, August 22nd , 2019.
    Are you reacting to this information? For
    many years now we have been predicting
    the introduction of a common rest day,
    and now they are enacting a law about
    working-free Sundays in the EU. We can
    clearly see that this is a step towards
    what is coming, namely stealthily
    introducing Sunday as the rest day for
    everybody. Then, and only then, will the
    mark of the beast be a fact.
    The beast is the papacy, with the Pope
    going on before, and they have a mark of
    their authority in religious matters. They
    themselves say this mark is Sunday, which
    they have introduced in the place of the
    day of rest of the Bible and Jesus, the
    We can now see the prophecies in the
    Bible concerning the mark of the beast
    being realised. The USA will be first in
    introducing the mark of the beast, so a
    national Sunday law cannot be far off
    there. All are to bow the knee to the
    European and international enactments,
    and the individual will, therefore, soon
    have a very limited say. Nations and
    peoples are becoming slaves to the global,
    international decisions. We are heading
    towards absolute control over the people.
    We are now experiencing the Taliban
    persecuting the Christians in Afghanistan.
    If they refuse to adhere to Islam and the
    Koran and their sharia laws, they are
    mercilessly killed. Sexually mature girls
    and women are being used to procreate,
    ensuring a growing number of Muslims
    in the world. Islam and the Catholic
    Church have joined in a fraternal union
    to withstand preachers of hate and socalled fundamentalists (Bible-true
    Christians). Persecution of Christians is
    now blossoming in many lands, and we
    are witnessing the fulfilling of serious
    persecution of God’s people in the final
    time of the last days. Daniel 12:1 and
    Revelation 13:16. We are now entering
    that period. Let us during this time put
    our trust in Jesus Christ. In Matthew 28:18
    we read that He has all power in heaven
    and on earth, and He has promised to be
    with us all days to the end of the world!

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