Otto Lund.

Data from a killed ex-pharma employee: I have found 71 deaths of holistic or anti-vax doctors starting from 2014. While most seem to be fatal crashes, or deemed natural deaths, these few cases stick out to me as being the most suspicious. All leading up to the most recent case of Brandy Vaughn being found dead on December 8, 2020.2015 anti-vax doctor suicide ( (gunshot to chest)2015 anti vax doctor found dead in car( anti vax doctor found dead w/ no clues as to why ( anti-vax doctor loses license over connecting vaccines to autism ( anti-vax doctor suicide ( (self inflicted gun shot)2020 anti-vax advocate Brandy Vaughn, former executive for pharmaceutical company Merck, explains how she was gangstalked and threatened ( (Conspiracy Hole vid/highly recommended viewing)2020 Brandy Vaughan, founder of website dedicated to educating people on vaccine risks, found dead by nine-year-old son( From Cover Up to Catasprophe (full film) ( 72: David Noakes unlawfully arrested: Whistleblower update w/ Chaudhari, John Smith May 2020: GcMAF genius, David Noakes, kidnapped, held hostage in Exeter Prison feared missing Noakes on the history of the EU Awake & Aware holidays 37: David Noakes Addresses the Falsehoods Published by the MHRA“GcMAF CURES CANCER – Let’s get it in our hospitals now!” by the socio psychopathic corporatist state domains &

​Authorities: Anti-vaccine doctor dead in apparent suicide - CBS News

ARCHIVE.IS​Authorities: Anti-vaccine doctor dead in apparent suicide – CBS News

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